• The Lists: I Heart Italy vs. I Heart USA

    I can hardly believe it.  It’s the final countdown… Only two weeks until this chapter of my solo adventures abroad close and I begin the next chapter of my life’s journey. 

    I am taking time to reflect on the things I love about my life here in Italy.  There’s no reason I can’t bring a little bit of Italy back to Texas with me.  And on the flipside, I’ve begun reminiscing about the things I miss from back home that I look forward to embracing once again.

    I thought I’d share my “I Heart Italy” list with you.  Maybe you’ll want to incorporate some of this in your own life.

    Italy opened the doors to my heart.

    Italy opened the doors to my heart.

    Things I love about my life in Italy and want to bring back to the States with me:

    1. Lives don’t revolve around work.
    2. Jobs don’t define the person.
    3. Everything is subject to change – just go with it.
    4. If you change your mind, “va bene”.  (Translate: It’s always okay to change your mind)
    5. Slow down and enjoy yourself.  “Tranquillo”
    6. Walking everywhere – going on walks for pleasure
    7. Aperitivo and Italian cooking
    8. Grocery shopping every few days – keep it fresh and don’t waste food!
    9. Talking to strangers – meeting new people with suspended judgment
    10. Continue learning Italian and practice it

    Things I miss about living in the good ol’ USofA that I look forward to returning to:

    1. The people I love
    2. Efficiency
    3. Football
    4. Mexican food (Meet me at the airport with chips and salsa!)
    5. Earning dollars and spending dollars (Making dollars and spending euros is rough on the bank account.)
    6. My ironic humor isn’t lost in translation
    7. Brunch (and breakfast tacos)
    8. Live Music
    9. Porch time
    10. Air conditioning (If it weren’t fall here, this would’ve been #1 on the list.)
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