Rave Reviews

“Johanna has a gift for a common sense approach to achieve highly creative ideas. She is experienced and thusly, is unencumbered by uncertainty. Ever confident and creative, her pragmatism in execution is the perfect complement to achieving outstanding results. Over the course of our interaction, I saw her lead the design and implementation of multiple websites, determine the strategic direction of all marketing and media plans, program multiple high-profile, well-attended events, create a system for welcoming high-wealth residents to their new home, plan and review two in-depth publications which highlight the lifestyle and curated artwork housed in The Austonian, among many other daily accomplishments. All completed with a sense of humor and goodwill.”

-Patricia Buchholtz, lookthinkmake: brand communication – Founding Partner

“Thank you for helping us wrap up this ticketing project for the remainder of Beyonce’s European tour.  I’ve heard nothing but positive comments about you and the success of this effort to get fans their tickets.”

-Christopher Obal, TurnUP Group – Partner

“I want to personally thank you for working so hard on this. Thanks also for being so flexible. You went above and beyond. Can’t thank you enough!”

-Mike Graham, TurnUp Group – Partner

“Thank you for all your hard work.  I look forward to working with you again in the future!”

-Betsy Dees, TurnUp Group – CEO

“All the best to you! Oh, to be your age and have the desire and freedom to pursue your dreams! Thank you for all that you have done – we are the better for having a relationship with you!”

-David Mahn, Benchmark Development – Vice President