About Jo

At work, Johanna is a highly intuitive leader with a knack for success and proven effectiveness at coordination, project management and execution.  She is comfortable managing multiple initiatives in a fast-paced, rapid-growth environment and is skilled under pressure. She is respected in a team environment and motivates clients and coworkers with ease.  She is great at meeting people, building trust and solving problems.  Johanna is an exceptional verbal and written communicator.  She’s self-motivated and hard working with a fun-loving, energetic approach to her career.

At play, Johanna is most excited experiencing life with a passport. Traveling, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and seeing the world from a different vantage point gives Johanna the perspective she needs to live her best life.  She is a caretaker by nature and is fulfilled by helping others. She appreciates eating wonderful meals while sharing wine with friends. No day is complete without a hearty laugh, a good book and a comfy, familiar hoodie to put on at the end of it all.